Naked Under the Lights
by Judith Peck

A Novel about Family, Betrayal and Artistic Creation

Set in and around the studios of the iconic Art Students League of New York City where celebrated artists of the 20th Century taught and to whom the author dedicates the book.

At the Art Students League Bert Kossoff teaches painting when he is not cloistered in his studio. His wife, Ruth, tolerates her husband’s infidelities for the sake of their daughter … to a point. Sonata, lacking purpose at 18, is drawn to the mystique of her father’s art world. Seeking affection, never found with her father, she has a tumultuous relationship with her father’s assistant as his lover and muse. Then struggling to find her way, she encounters family secrets long concealed that tears open all their lives.

Praise for Naked Under the Lights

“A fascinating look at the world as artists perceive it—including the painful self-doubt and driving need to express the inexpressible.” Best selling author Janet Burroway.

“Judith Peck has wonderful characters…and a real sense of how to pace a story. Her insight into the art world and what makes an artist tick is one of many reasons this novel is unique.” Terri Valentine, award winning author of 12 novels.

“Judith Peck’s latest novel, Naked Under the Lights is a remarkable achievement. I could hardly put the book down and read it through the night. For over 50 years I belong to a college club book group, and this is one of the best novels I have read.” Barbara Stein

Judith Peck, professor emerita of art, is a sculptor with work in eighty collections, including the Yale Gallery of Art, the Ghetto Fighters Museum in Israel, libraries, colleges, and other institutions here and abroad. Dr. Peck has published 8 non-fiction books, 2 children’s books and authored 2 novels, a story collection and screenplay. She holds a doctoral degree from New York University and two master’s degrees from Columbia University. She is completing another novel about an art therapist involved in a school shooting. Judith has four grown children and lives in Mahwah, New Jersey.

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